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Suburban Margins Photo Gallery

These photos were taken in the Mornington area

The streets lead of older streets into what were fields only a couple of months ago. In the distance you can still see the grasslands and the old shape of the land

This is the end of the road. The footpath and the gutter and the road and the lines of ye olde English style light poles end and the land exists. For today at least, this is where the suburbs end

The road snakes into the field; is that curve for the sake of those trees? Or for some notion of landscape?   Pretty soon the trees will be gone and it wont make sense.

This is how a road ends. It tapers into nothing. You can see the colour of the soil. There’s a grader, and in the left hand corner some surveyors making their plans.

The old tree maybe isn’t so old; perhaps forty years or so. It just that everything else has been scrubbed so clean you yearn for images of some past before these new patterns.

At the entrance you find these impressive looking gateways. Newly built to look old and substantial. Prepare to enter the walled city, they say. You are no longer welcome here, they say.

Here is the coat of arms of one of the walled cities. The three black birds represent something; the lion something else. They are imaginary.

It’s like the ruins of an ancient city; only the wall remains. But it’s really the beginning. The sturdy gates enclose a field of dandelions

The new maps are plastered with sold signs. There are new names and new places to drive

Across the road from the new subdivision there’s an old farmhouse with no windows and no door. Someone tried to grow fruit trees and other things here once. It’s all gone to seed.

The house has no windows and  no doors. A sheet of iron has been torn from the roof. It is deconstructing as the new estates across the road are being built.

There are holes smashed through the walls of the old shed. You can see where cattle were herded, and fields beyond.

Soon these fields will be punched through with new roads and new lines. The old lines of trees and farm fences are going.

The bank of clouds is bringing rain, but over new shapes and new lines.



Written by warrick

July 11, 2011 at 2:23 pm

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