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Suburban Margins

the edges and margins of suburbia; how the suburbs creep into the farmland and how that farmland is reshaped and transformed into estates with names like ‘Cresta Views’ by corporations with that sound like they’re out of cartoons like Akron. It’s been happening in the area near where I live and I’ve been taking some photos and trying to write something about the reshaping of the landscape that’s going on here.

About These Landscapes

Poems from the Margins

The Last Apple Grower

Disappearing Landscapes (photo-essay, PDF format. This essay first appeared in Thylazine magazine)

Suburban Margins Photo Gallery

Suburban Margins Web Links (my Diigo list of web sites related to disappearing landscapes, suburban margins and endangered vistas.



Written by warrick

July 11, 2011 at 12:55 pm

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  1. […] love the idea, but I’ve been half in love with disappearing landscapes for ever.  Witness my Suburban Margins Project. So, I’ll be following this project with interest, and maybe contributing too. Or […]

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