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Articles and Essays

Acts of Faith – A review of One Day She Catches Fire by Krisin Henry and Standing with Friends by Peter Kocan, ABR

An Introduction to Lost Things. This introduction appears at the beginning of my first collection.

Disappearing Landscapes – The strange places on the edges of suburban margins. Thylazine, August 2004. (Photo-Essay, PDF)

Entering Irish Landscape Thylazine, 2001. (Phot0-Essay, PDF)

Sea Wall and River Light What I said at the launch of Diane Fahey’s poetry collection, 2006

State of the Net: Online Poetry Magazines Five Bells, April 2000

The Web and Me: A Personal History Five Bells, April 1999

Writing ‘The Beach as Metaphor’, Poetry Ink, November 1995


Americans Abroad – A review of Dingo Sky by S.K. Kelen and Dancing on the Drain Board by Lynn Hard, ABR

Flaming Arch-Priest of Neo-Bomboism – A review of Collected Poems by Harry Hooton, ABR

Friendship and Pain – A review of Mal Morgan’s Beautiful Veins and Mal by John West, Famous Reporter, 1999

Local and Universal – A review of With One Skin Less by Phillip Hammial and Picture’s Edge by Mike Ladd, ABR

Looking Inward and Outward – A review of Surviving the Shadow by Terry Gillmore and Red Dirt, by Tim Thorne, ABR

New Voices – A review of six new poets from the Five Islands new poetry pamphlet series. ABR, 1993

Of Here and Now – A review of three ‘Selected’ books, by Judith Wright, Robert Gray, Peter Porter and Thomas Shapcott, ABR

Performances Public and Private – A review of Selected Poems by Graham Rowlands and Replies to the Questionnaire on Love by Kevin Brophy, ABR

Placements in Poetry – A review of Three Days Out of Tidal Town by Anthony Lawrence and Australia, My Home by Amy McGrath (ABR)

Refreshing Involvement – A review of Autumn by Noel Beddoe, ABR, 1991

River Man – A review of Dark River by John Jenkins, ABR

The Heart’s Calamitous Rocks – A review of Crosshatched by Kate Llewellyn, ABR

Three Poets – A review of The Majestic Roller-rink by Heather Cam, Penelope’s Knees by Joanne Burns and Laika’s Run by Kerry Scuffins, ABR,1996

Wagging the Tails – A look at Wagtail publishingFamous Reporter, 2003

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